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This website has been created as a resource for people who are seeking to create, heal and strengthen their emotional and sexual connection.


The information and resources are provided to assist you with accessing and benefiting from the comfort and thrill of true intimacy.  


This intimacy develops as partners vulnerably reach and respond to one another, emotionally and sexuallyin ways that create a safe haven and secure base for each other.


Safe Haven:  to turn to for 

comfort  and reassurance


Secure Base: from which to explore

confidence, courage and joy


As couples become more attuned to one another's cues and feel safe to explore the most  vulnerable parts of themselves, each other and their relationship the joy of secure emotional & sexual connection emerges.


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Create the Connection
You Desire...
"Passion is attachment longing

intertwined with erotic play."
                                          Sue Johnson

Love + Desire + Risking to Vulnerably Reach & Respond


        Lasting Emotional and Sexual PASSION


 "SAFETY is not boring....

         Safety makes lasting passion possible" 


                                           Dr. Lisa Gold

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